“Hello there! And thanks for visiting my little online shop! I’m Daisy (real name Nicola, but no one calls me that – please call me Daisy!) and I create all of the pieces that you see here in my shop from my home studio in Staffordshire in the UK. I specialise in making people’s loved one’s handwriting and children’s drawings into special keepsake jewellery. I love creating something that is so meaningful to you, and no one else. I hand saw these intricate pieces – taking days over some pieces! To get it just right, I’m a bit of a perfectionist! Nothing sees a machine, that’s just not my bag. I do extra special, and it takes a long old time...

You can catch me by email on hello@madebydaisy.co.uk or follow my antics over on facebook www.facebook.co.uk/madebydaisy or instagram (LOVE instagram!) @madebydaisyjewellery .

Do say hi! I love to hear from you lovely lot. And thanks for supporting me on this fun jewellery adventure! Daisy x.”