• Image of Custom Handwriting Pin in Sterling Silver

Have a loved one's handwriting carefully handmade into a sterling silver pin.

This is the perfect gift for a bride to give to her groom on their wedding day, either a special message in the bride's handwriting or the handwriting of a loved one who the groom may have sadly lost and would like to keep close to their hearts on their special day.

I will also print the original handwriting that you send onto the backing card inside of the box.

A little story..
I once made a pin (the "Lots of Love Mum" one in the photograph) for a bride to gift to her groom with the idea that he could wear it secretively on the inside of his jacket on their wedding day, but he was far too proud of it and wore it on the outside of his jacket all day! The guests thought that it was most special.

This piece could also be kept in it's box as a special keepsake and doesn't necessarily have to be worn.

How to order..
Select the number of letters that you require from the drop down menu and place your order. Please then email hello@madebydaisy.co.uk with your handwriting image and your name.